Our department has 12 research laboratories which give chance for  various research and application studies.

Laboratories of Plant Pathology Section

  • Plant Pathology  Laboratory,

  • Molecular Plant Pathology Laboratory,

  • Serology Laboratory,

  • Microscopy Laboratory

  • Herbarium

  • Mycology Laboratory

Laboratories of  Entomology Section

  • Entomology Laboratory

  • Molecular Entomology Laboratory (MOLEN)

  • Stored Product Pests Laboratory

  • Acarology Laboratory

  • Nematology Laboratory

  • Biological Control Laboratory

Besides; there are several climate chambers, insectarium, herbarium and and also research greenhouses which belong to these two departments. In addition to these research opportunities, the department has;

  • 1 undergraduate student laboratory

  • 2 undergraduate student classrooms

  • 1 graduate student classroom

  • 1 graduate student office